If you need help or you are in troubles, call 112 without hesitation!

* on territory of Austria call 140 or 112
* on territory of  Italy call 118 or 112

If accident happened in mountains is really neccesery to react fast and coorect to provide casualty as best help as it is possible. It is possible that quite some time is necessery until rescuers come due to difficult terrain or bad weather, but time is in most casese very important factor.Most we can do right after accident so we need to help as best as we can. If there is a risk of severe bleeding, avalanches or respiratory distress, it is imperative to act immediately, since the survival curve in such cases falls rapidly over time, so we do everything we can to know and do.

Basic steps:

  • Do Not Panic! Keep calm and reassure the casualty.
  • Assess the situation.
  • Check that you, the casualty and group aren't in immediate danger. If you are, seek to make the situation safe.
  • Treat any injuries.
  • Dial 112 and ask for Mountain rescue.

When calling 112 please specify:

  • who is calling,
  • what happened,
  • the location of the incident ,
  • when happend,
  • the number of casualties,
  • what are the injuries,
  • circumstances of accident,
  • what help do you need.